About Us

Faith Bible Camp seeks to glorify God by providing a biblical, relational and affordable camping program for children, youth and adults that they might come to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sponsoring Churches

Faith Bible Camp is staffed and maintained by Christian people from several Manitoba area churches. Click here to see a list of sponsoring churches.

Est. 1954

In 1952, a man by the name of Geri Thomas had a real desire to share the Bible with boys and girls. He discussed the possibility of a children's Bible Camp with some Christian friends. On a cold January day, he and four other men went across the ice to look at a potential site on Elk Island. It looked great, even with snow all around, so plans began.

The first camp was in July 1954 with 135 children spending two weeks at the site on Elk Island. Tents constituted most of the accommodations for sleeping. It was logical to call the camp "Faith Bible Camp" because of the faith shown by the men who had begun the work.

In 1969, the camp was moved off of the island to its current mainland location. Today, some fifty years later, the tents are gone, but the work of the Gospel at Faith Bible Camp carries on for the salvation of souls, and the glory of God.

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